Friday, October 29, 2010

::only in utah....::


Only in Utah not ready for snow yet. i like snow for like a month. and that month is December. Thanks mother nature lol...

We didnt go play in it cuz it melted away fast....
This is my silly 16 month old child haha...i just love her.

she has sooo much personality.
Her idea of "playing" is ripping apart my house haha. You learn to not sweat the little stuff, it keeps her occupied haha.
my sleepy girl. Normally just turning the door handle wakes her up. This time i went in, turned off her fan (that she HAS to sleep with) opened her curtains, opened the blinds, and took a picture haha! She was out like a light.

This little thing is seriously my WORLD!

Oh and just an update on her freaking high metabolism that makes me so nervous cuz she is so tiny...i started her on LEAST 2 a day plus her 3 meals and snacks...SHE GAINED 2 POUNDS!! She is finally 20 pounds!! haha. i will forever be jealous of my skinny child.
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