Tuesday, October 19, 2010

long lost friend :)

I babysit a little boy named Tayson...he is the cutest little boy with such a sweetheart personality that gets you so attached to him. i love him dearly. I call him my son from another bum. it rhymes. and SON is in his name. Laynie doesn't like me to call him tay or tay tay so he is my son haha!

its been a while but i got to babysit him today, and i couldnt stop taking pics cuz braylee and tayson are too cute together. Me and Tayson went in to wake up Braylee...tayson was standing by her crib. I got braylee out and the first thing tayson does is give her a hug! Cutest thing EVER! they are 4 months apart exactly. Tayson turns ONE this saturday on the 23rd! big boy! anyway...here are some pics!

waking up bray!
eating cheerios!

dont even mind my child's crazy hair :) we just woke up


crazy kids

kisses for tayson

kisses for bray

Every time i would be holding tayson he would put his head on my shoulder and give kisses, braylee would come running over and want some lovings..and every time i would be hugging braylee and giving her her special time Tayson would give me the evil eye and come crawling over and want lovins....it was too cute! they were battling for the lovins..and i wasn't complaining AT ALL. i love those two little stinks!
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