Sunday, October 10, 2010

:: lonely days::

So, all the sudden my husband decides he wants to be a hunter....random. His brother hunts and Jeff used to but....its been a LONG time and, jeff's not the HUNTER type lol. Anyway, so he is gone from friday-monday.

everyone makes fun of me but i HATE and dont handle beimg away from my husband very well. Everyone tells me "geez i'd be stoked for my husband to leave for 4 days!" or "absense makes the heart grow fonder" but......... i dont roll that way haha. im WAY too attached to my hubby.

So after Devins baptism jeff left, and i cried the whole way home. im a baby im well aware. i rented a movie "the last song" and headed home. Me and bray stayed up late and hung out for a while

oh and by the way... "the last song" was really good :)
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