Friday, October 22, 2010

day 2

yes i am jumping the gun on this one and hurrying to write it cuz i wasn't feeling to hot about myself after day 1 haha. so anyway

DAY 2: something you LOVE about yourself

lets hope this list is longer than the last

  • I have always loved my hair. Growing up i felt like it was my only good feature. (i grew up chubby haha)
  • i love that i am a mommy....its THE best feeling in the world. hands down.
  • i love that i dont judge. it just comes natural. im laid back
  • i love that i am caring and nice
  • i love me. What i mean by this is how i turned out. how i was raised. I have a great hard working mom who raised us right and taught us so much by just being a good example! i have a good dad who would sing me and my little sister to sleep every night. He kept us busy and playing. all kids go through their phases but we all turned out great! My family is the best.
  • i like my smile :)
  • i like my personality.
  • i love that im able to let go of things and not hold grudges..for most people thats really hard to do.
  • i just love my life in general and where it is right now. ive been through alot and have had ALOT of trials and mountains to climb with alot of risk that i took but im very happy how it all turned out! if i hadn't made all my wrong decisions i wouldn't be where im at today.
  • i love that i have a good education thanks to my mom. She kept me wanting to not give up in school, even though my senior year i almost did. Through her example she motivated me to get my C.N.A all by myself
  • even though i am now completely dependant on jeff i used to be very independent thanks to my mom again and i LOVE that. i was probably angry about it then but even though my mom made good money we never had things just handed to us. If we wanted money we had to go get a job and earn our money. My mom kept a good balance of supporting us but not spoiling us and i love aspect of myself.
  • i love that im happy
  • i love that i make other people happy. or at least hope i do :)
im sure there is alot  more that i love but ill stop here :) i feel alot better now

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