Thursday, October 21, 2010

day 1

Something you hate about yourself

everyone hates SOMETHING about themselves and most people hate alot of things about themselves. we are hardest on ourself and are our worst enemy.

so when asked this question, many things come to mind but at this point in time the FIRST thing and the BIGGEST thing is my body.
  • pregnancy was NOT nice to me. So from my upper thighs up to my stretch marked shoulders i HATE. its sick nasty. my skin WILL NOT go back to normal.
  • i hate that i let everyone walk all over me
  • i sometimes hate how forgiving and nice i am cuz usually it bites me in the butt in the long run :(
  • i hate how dependant i am on jeff. i love him but i hate being so dependant and needy.
  • i hate that i worry too much about what people think about me
  • i hate that im not myself. im normally happy and outgoing but i find myslef moping alot about my body. its selfish really. especailly when the only person that matters thinks and tells me every day how pretty and good looking i am. i find it hard to believe him.
  • i hate when i let people get to me. normally i dont give a crap. but sometimes i cant be as strong as i want to :(
  • but most of all....i hate that i even have a hate list on myself.....i wish i could leave this day BLANK

yay :(
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