Monday, October 11, 2010


After Cassie's baptism dinner, me and Bray decided to join some of the fam and go to cornbellys. Jeff was still gone hunting and i had kept busy all day and didn't want to go home and be lonely and watch movies by myself so i decided to go even though braylee's bedtime was 8 o'clock and she'd be getting ornery. im glad we went. It was SUPER fun. Braylee loved every minute of it (except for waiting in the lines which weren't bad) I wanted to jeff to be there but hopefully we can go again and he can come with us!

bray on the evil donkey thing haha. the eyes got rubbed off or something

playing on these pillow top things. they were like trampolines....but more fun!

bray spent most her time on her belly haha crazy child slipped out of her seat belt and kept standing up...freaked me out. i was running around after her cuz i was worried she'd fall out and get ran over by all the other cows haha. the guy pulling it wasn't really watching. and it was dark. who's kid is that? haha

they had so many baby areas

haha she was mad cuz i was trying to take a pic and she wanted to play

me and bray going Down the big slide....bray looks SOO giddy

haha look at yo's face
cassie riding the bull!

us on the hay ride

then the baby corn maze ride

playing in the corn box

 bray conquered that maze haha

bray and kallee in the baby haunted house thing

princess area!!

princess mommy and princess bray :)

the kids...minus kallee


bray....haha she looks so tiny

Thanks for such a fun day and keeping me occupied!!

i didnt get home till about 11:15 so i laid braylee down, and i went to bed!

at this point i was soooooo ready to jeff to come home :(
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