Saturday, October 2, 2010

::Christa wins the jerk of the year award!:: i explained in my other post..ive been really depressed and sad from not seeing my husband jeff all week. Braylee has been sick. The house has been THRASHED. well Friday came and i ended up not going into work due to braylee having diarrhea and puking that morning. So i was stoked to FINALLY see jeff! Well jeff goes into work at 4:30am, and didnt get home till 7:30pm! (They are short drivers so his route was super big friday). Well he was taking a while to come home so i call him...he tells me he thought i wouldn't be home yet cuz i went to pg that day and so he stopped at the store to get dinner and we needed milk and such. So i continued to yell at him and tell him we are supposed to be going up the canyon and dinner is up there. I was so upset and stressed. And he never goes to the store after work so i was so pissed about that.

Well i had a break down. i was upstairs BAWLING and jeff gets home, comes up, and i vent to him and cry and tell him how i feel like he doesn't even care and isnt phased that we didnt see each other much. I vent about the house and braylee not eating and him not helping around the house when i work so much stresses me out. Well i go down stairs and what do i see................

A FREAKING DOZEN GORGEOUS RED ROSES laying on the counter... my stomach sank. i felt like SUCH an idiot. I turn around..and Jeff goes, "i got those for you cuz i love and miss you so much and i thought these would make you feel better". I started Bawling even more cuz i felt so stupid for yelling at him for going to the store first and saying he didn't care.

i seriously have the best husband in the world to put up with my moodiness and bad moods

i love you so much jeffrey alton cox! and im sooooooo thrilled to spend the next 2 days together ALL DAY! :)
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