Tuesday, September 28, 2010


WARNING!! this blog is my personal blog. My diary that i will one day make a book out of.  I keep it real and raw. Whatever i am feeling will come out here. I have opinions, i will state them, i don't mean offense by them but if you are easily offended, don't come to my blog. Stick to my facebook :)

So my good friend Shawntae posted this blog
 that i TOTALLY related to. So decided to blog about it.

Often times i find myself reading other friends blogs that are single
or just married, and have no kids.

They go on vacation after vacation, post all these pics of them getting out and living it up.
they always talk about the nice dinners they just went out to, the movies they just saw etc.
They talk about going to the gym all the time and they have these perfect bodies, and ill admit it
i get soooo jealous.

I think, IM 21!! im young. i should have that perfect body. I should be able to wear cute clothes and go shopping all the time! i want to go on dates with my hubby. Nice dates. i wanted to go to Vegas for my 21st bday. I want to go out of town for our anniversary, stay in a hotel, relax. I want to travel! i wish i could work more and have more money to go shopping all the time and do my hair and nails and fake eye lashes etc... and i often cry over such things.

But then i remind myself. I have this precious gift. I have this perfect little healthy girl that means the world to me. i remind myself..we wanted a baby young. We wanted to make the sacrifice. And honestly...i don't even care for all the worldly things. i never did before why do i now? Yea all that other stuff would be nice but it doesn't even come close the joy of my baby girl. There are people out there who cant have this joy and how selfish is it of me to feel bad for myself that i cant go on vacations and such. Maybe its Satan's work lol

now what I'm about to say next please don't take offense to cuz i know alot of people do this. Its just my choice and the way of life that i want

Some people might say, "Christa why not work more, you only work 2 days a week." My answer is, along with deciding to have a baby, we also decided we wanted to do what we had to for me to be a stay at home mom. I want to raise my baby. I want to see all her first actions, hear her first words. And i am so grateful that i only have to work 2 days a week. I think its more important to be home with my kid instead of toss her from place to place just so i can be selfish and buy clothes and nails and new things.

If she had a stable environment it wouldn't be so bad.

 Like i said before don't take offense to this, its just my choice in how to raise my child. Ive just seen kids deteriorate from being so unstable and it brakes my heart. anyway!

i realize now a days its nearly impossible to not have both parents work. Sometimes you need both incomes to make it in life...but live within your means ya know? We choose to not go on vacations all the time and not have expensive things, cars, phones, etc. IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY GO FOR IT! but don't live at work in order to have all these selfish things when your child needs you at home. (and if you're wondering, no, I'm not talking about any of my CLOSE friends)

So for all you moms out there sacrificing the worldly obsessions and unnecessary things to be there for your baby and be a good mommy...know you are amazing and your doing the right thing! I sometimes have a hard time with remembering this and need encouragement myself sometimes :)

But also know..you are amazing and have a full time mommy job! You need to make time for yourself too! Shower, get ready everyday, put make-up on every day. FEEL PRETTY! try to make time for you and hubby. Try to go on dates. Go outside and play, its free. Go on walks, work out, it raises your endorphins and makes you feel better. Eat healthy. Teach your baby healthy ways of living. Keep it Natural. Know if its man made..its gonna pack onto you body easier and stay longer!

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