Monday, September 6, 2010

::my pRiNcEsS::

Words cannot even describe how much i love this little girl. I cant believe she is already 14 months old. She brings me so much joy. Her smile, laugh, personality. She is the best thing to happen to me besides my husband. Just an update on her growth.....

14 months old
6 teeth still (4 top, 2 bottom)
favorite food: banana's, vanilla waffers, strawberry milk, basically anything that is edible :)
words: mom, mommy, dad, daddy, whats that, thank you (she doesn't say it good but mumbles something that sounds like that everytime you give her something) milk, hi, bubba, baba, papa, she will talk sentences in baby talk, just jibber jabber but its like a full on conversation with her expressions and jibber jabber.
Bray loves to dance (head bang, crunk, sprinkler)
Bray loves to sing
She is currently still a momma girl but LOVES when daddy comes home. She hears his car come into the garage and runs for the door.
LOVES being outside
walks of course.
is learning sign language. knows ball, more, and milk so far
loves to read. she will open a book and jibber jabber like she is reading.
goes to bed at 8am, wakes up between 8:30 and 10am
she has this new obsession with babies (bad sign?) lol
still loves baths
loves blankees that are fleece and tied at the ends..
is off bottles except for her night bottle and morning cuz she'll drink more and i have her on go and grow and want her to drink as much as possible to chunk her skinnny self up :)
loves sunglasses and mom's make-up
loves dirt bike and monster truck toys haha
loves phones and talking to dad
loves to throw things in the toilet
best friends: Kallee, Rylee, Tayson, Makaibree, Preslie

Mommy loves you soo much Braylee Ann! You are so beautiful and special. never forget that baby girl

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