Tuesday, September 7, 2010

::lAbOr DAY weekend::

So for labor day my family usually goes camping and i love it. I love just spending time with my family having nothing to do but spend time with eachother and bond. haha. We went up AF canyon friday-monday. Me and jeff didn't make it up till saturday night cuz i worked friday night and jeff worked saturday.

When we got there it was dinner time which got a little mixed up but we rocked it haha. My uncle bob was there with his family. We dont see them very often so it was nice to see them there. We roasted smores and starbursts. Braylee is super stoked haha
my uncle Bob, his daughter Kaylena, and son (one of the twins) Austin, then my mommy
trying to keep bray from the fire. Kaylena and Korban (youngest uncle bob son) did a good job haha
my little brother. chopping the log with a hatchet.......haha
Bray pushing cousin kallee
my boots on fire!!!! haha jk
Bray LOVES the guitar and papa. when i was a little girl it was really hard for me to fall asleep..i dont kno why. I had to have a fan, my little sister (till i was 12!) and alot of the nights my dad would play the guitar and sing to me and tricia so i could fall asleep.... bray has picked up on loving the guitar thing...maybe cuz i play for her too now.
Bray all ready for bed
So the nights up the canyon are SUPER cold. we brought a ton of blankets but no sleeping bags. It took maybe 15-30 min but Braylee finally settled down and slept next to me all night..thank goodness cuz it was freezing and she needed my body heat. She woke up alot cuz it was cold but would go right back to sleep.

Sunday morning was pretty cold. It was hard to get out of bed and Braylee was pretty fussy untill we got her all bundled up and ready for the day haha. Me and jeff had breakfast this morning so we got to making french toast, eggs, and bacon. i thought we did pretty good haha.

Some of us went down for church, and some of us went to cabelas for sleeping bags haha! When we got back it was hot and The boys went riding. I tried to nap braylee but it wasn't happening. So we played in the tent for like 3 hours. Bray wasn't fussy at all as long as she wasn't in the pack and play haha.
trying to climb out lol
Then around 5 the church goers and riding boys got back and i took bray on a walk cuz it finally cooled off...and she passed RIGHT out lol. little stink.

Becky made navajo tacos sunday night and it was DELISH! Then we all made smores again, played some phase 10 and a few other games
cousins love palying with eachother. they kept following eachother all night haha
Kyle and Jeff chopping down a dead tree
papa with the grand-kids (cassie sam and audrie never made it up) :(

Well me and jeff decided we would go home sunday night cuz we didn't want to freeze (even tho we bought sleeping bags) and didn't want a fussy baby in the morn. We should have just stayed but jeff insisted we leave lol. so we went home

Monday morning we went back up to pack up and get some yummy breakfast. But it was gone....thanks guys! lol jk we figured that was a big possibility (i kno my family all too well) so we had some cereal before we left. Got a few more family pics in then headed home!
the fam! due to work schedules Tricia, Jessica, Scot, Cassie, Sammie, and Audrie were not in the pic :(

Yay! i know its stressful and alot of the times annoying but i love getting the family together and going camping! cant wait till next year haha
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