Saturday, September 18, 2010

:: funny Braylee stories::

So just this weekend Braylee did some pretty funny things. Today i was sitting at my computer, and braylee was playing in her toy room. well she comes walking in and she was NAKEY! I started laughing and asked where her diper was and we went looking. Well we found it...she tried to throw it down the stairs lol. Does this mean its time to potty train?! is 15 months too early?? haha. She is too funny.

Well Friday morning, Braylee slept in till 11am. I went in the get her, picked her up, and realized she was EVERYWHERE. i thought...this better not be urine. sure enough! it was lol. She had peed so much that she was wet up to her chest! of course i took pics
She needed a bath. Our routine is we get nakey, walk to the bathroom, and mom fills up the tub. Well she was standing there, i was filling up the tub, and she started peeing!! haha she has never done this before. I was laughing so hard cuz she was just watching herself pee like " going on". haha i love this little girl
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