Saturday, September 18, 2010

:: Braylee Ann::

Just a few pics and braylee updates :)
Braylee's bedtime is 8pm and sleeps till 8:30-10am
She is sooo full of life and just LOVES to go go go and play hard. Loves when daddy throws her in the air.
She loves loves her daddy. When he comes home from work she hears his car pull in the garage and she screetches and runs to the door and freaks out when he walks in. Jeff is such an amazing dad i couldn't ask for more. Jeff and Bray have a routine every single night that daddy baths her, plays baby in the mirror, gets her all lotioned up and blow dries her hair and gets her ready for bed. Gives her her night time bobs (bottle) brushes teeth, and puts her to bed. And jeff loves it. i dont force him to do this he likes to do it. On mondays and Fridays i work from 1-9 so jeff calls those days his daddy daughter days :)

But she is still a mamma girl :)
We can do hair into a pony tail
She LOVES being outside
loves water
She loves parks
daddy acts like a kid its all good lol
she LOVES babies...this is baby trinity :)
her molars are comming in....have i ever mentions i hate teething...well molar teething is even worse. This is up 3 hours past her bed time haha

Her new word is eww. and oh ee oh ee oh ee oh. haha. and she started pretending to be scared. soo cute. she screams and will run around lol. she loves to climb..on everything. She talks and talks and talks and loves to read books. Still eats 24/7. She is such a ham. we love her so much.
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