Thursday, August 26, 2010

::roasting weeners adventure::

So one beautiful sunday we decided to head up the mountain and roast some weeners. I was super excited. We packed our little picnic up and headed to the great outdoors.
in this pic we hadnt attempted it yet but long story short.....where's a boy scout when you need one?! haha we couldnt get a fire started so....we had an amazing potatoe salad picnic up the mountain with my cute little fam.
whats the first thing bray does when we get to the mountains...GETS DIRTY! now that is what a mountain girl looks like haha. notice her forhead is all dirty...yea she face planted the dirt haha
Braylee needs a sibling to play with ;) maybe when your 3 bray lol
my child likes to eat at least its clean right?? so i hear
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