Wednesday, August 18, 2010

::park city vacation::

So for my work we take residents on "vacation". This vacation me and my baby sister took two residents to park city! I was super nervous and sad to leave my baby for the first time but it was just one night so i sucked it up and went haha. i didnt get many pics but we arrived at about 4..checked in to the homestead and relaxed for about 30 min...

This was our room
this was our view
me on the phone with hubber man..i missed him

Then we went out for dinner. We were supposed to go to a nice resturant but leave it to me and tricia to be dumb blondes haha. We didn't think about distance and drive time and had to be to a symphony by 7. So we ended up going to arbys which was amazing by the way haha.

Somehow we found the sympony. Came back and was gonna try to go swim but it was 8oclock by then and the residents are used to going to bed early so we just had a night in.

Well........dispite much of our efforts to try to and tricia pulled an all nighter pretty much haha
scary noises lol

Then in the morning we had a nice breakfast by a pond full of beautiful fishies

Went to a gift shop which was WAYYYY over priced. they had some CUTE flowers and headbands but nothing more special than what you can get in stores and at carnivals...12 BUCKS A PIECE! FOR JSUT THE FLOWER! normally its like 5 bucks a flower and i thought that was expensive haha. Then we went to look at the crater and natural hot spring, checked out and headed to the movies!

we went to see eat pray was amazing.

Got some lunch and it was home to my baby and hubby!! I have never been greeted by a more excited little baby girl haha.

Then i had to book it to Preslie's birthday party!!

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