Sunday, August 8, 2010

::latest haPpEnInGs::

So this is just a random post of random things we have been doing lately :)

this is bray. She is walking lol. she has been walking sense about 11 months but it was only random. It was about right before she turned 13 months that she all the sudden decided to be a full time walker. fun times :)

This Bray and Rylee on the way to our high school friend heather's wedding reception.. afterward we went to texas road house. YUM

i now hav brow ish hair :( i miss the blonde lol but you do what you gotta do when you cant afford to dye your hair as often as you do lol

Then we took a nice 100 mile round trip to SLC! When i lived in salt lake city my best friend was Alyssa. Well when i moved to PG when i was 12 me and Alyssa stayed in touch. We dont see each other often so we try to make it to special events like birthdays and baby showers. Well her oldest son Xavier turned 2 so we made it his bday!

And here are random sister/family pics from 24th of july that i forgot to add on my 24th of july post
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