Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So here it is, end of August....and we STILL hadn't been camping this year! What is wrong with us!? haha well the beginning of the summer we didn't go cuz it gets chilly and we only have a tent and we didn't want braylee to get sick or cold at night. Another reason is that Braylee is so high maintenance we just didnt even attempt it. Well our friends Nick and Felicia invited us to go camping with them up spanish fork canyon. They had a trailer and said we were welcome to stay in it. So we decided to go :)

let me tell you though....i was soooooo nervous cuz i was worried braylee would make the camping trip so complicated and keep everyone up at night but she will only sleep in her crib. Me and jeff are used to Braylee, so i was just worried she'd drive everyone else nuts haha.

So we left saturday night and headed up spanish fork canyon. It was an hour drive up the canyon and an hour drive on dirt roads to get deeeeeeep into the mountain to our camping spot. Braylee LOVED the bouncy roads (she is just like her father).

We finally arrived at camp and Braylee and Rylee were so ready to get out and run around!

Well we got the babies bathed and wished for the best with sleeping. We had to put braylee separate in the master bedroom (sorry nick and fee! but thanks for being so gracious to give up your bedroom) cuz braylee had to cry herself to sleep and is a light sleeper, and Rylee goes down easy and sleeps through anything. So we figured that's work out best. We got the babies down and went out and sat around the camp fire listening to guitar playing and singing. The hunter boys came back and they had shot a baby elk. But it was too dark so they were going to go get it in the morning. We were tired so we retired to bed early that night lol

So the first night went ok till Braylee woke up in the middle of the night. I went in there and she was just so scared cuz she didn't know where she was. So i decided id take her out of the pack and play and see if she'd just sleep next to me. She was very quiet and didn't fuss at all that night.......she just got up 50 million times and would crawl on me and id lay her back down, she'd fall asleep then be back up. Plus i was freezing and didn't want to wake everyone up so i just dealt with it...needless to say...i hardly got any sleep that night haha.

So the next morning the Nick and Jeff wanted to go with the hunter boys to bring back the elk. we had a yummy breakfast and they were off! we hung out and let the babies play.

They brought back the baby elk...and wanted to go for a dirt bike ride so they left again haha. We put the babies down for naps which went pretty smoothly.
well the boys got back...we ate lunch and decided it was the girls turn! So Nick's friend Nick took us on a 14 mile four wheeler ride. it was awesome!
me and fee
Melissa :)
It was quite the fun dirty ride! Everyone else at camp went home Sunday so after the bike ride we played card games and made dinner and hung out. Nothing better than not caring what time it is and having nothing to do but relax in the mountains and just play.

Then it was SMORE time! we LOVE smores haha

Then we put the babies down...this night went ALOT smoother cuz braylee had gotten a little used to her pack and play. Then we went off chasing sheep trying to get a pic...it was too dark so we had no such luck. We sat around the camp fire telling storied and talking about dreams and listened to Brad crack jokes all night. it was awesome!

When we went to bed.. Me and jeff just slept in the master bedroom with bray. She slept like a rock the entire night! But........i had an allergy attack and woke up for the longest time just blowing my nose and even that didn't wake bray up. sooo sense i was using my camera for light...i took some pics of my sleeping fam :)

Monday morning we got up and had THE BEST breakfast ever! (thanks Brad!) Then got to cleaning and packing up. It always sucks packing up camp and realizing you have to go back to reality :( but my shower waiting me was sure a nice thought haha.

as we were driving out all the sheep were there waiting for us. i guess they felt bad that we didn't get any pics haha. So we got our pics! and i took some scenery shots... it was sooo amazing!

Thanks so much Nick, Fee, Melissa, Jeff and cant forget miss Bray and Rylee for the best weekend camping! Oh and cant forget to thank Brad for entertaining us after everyone left lol.

And thanks for being such troopers with my high maintenance little princess bray haha i was so worried and it turned out not bad at all.

woot woot!

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