Thursday, August 26, 2010

:: bAbY fRiEnDs::

Tayson came to play tuesday..Bray hadn't seen him in a while and when she woke up and heard him i said..."who is it?! is it tayson"? braylee gasps and says "tay tay" haha she is too cute
is she not the most gorgeous little girl ever! im so worried for the future haha

We LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE our rylee friend and especially love making messes! haha so one day me and felicia tried to accomplish some scrapbooking...turns out we watched them play all day and destroy rylee's bedroom haha...we love these little girls! They are seriously going to be SUCH trouble when they are dont get much prettier than these two babies...hey it is what it is ok haha
bray was tired and ornery lol
bray looks so inocent in this pic when really she was hitting rylee...what a little terd lol. they love eachother
WHAT a who is gonna clean this up? lol
:) angel face
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