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This is really embarrasing but then agian its not..... i am going to make a book out of my blog and i want this to be in it because it is a HUGE struggle in my life right now. And also if i publicly post my progress it will motivate me more or at least this is what im hoping for!

Now ive never had a TIGHT TONED PERFECT body... and i was quite chubby growing up. it wasn't till i was 16 that i lost alot of weight. I thought i was the fatest thing in town but looking back at pictures i had nothing to complain about.... silly girls

Me before marriage......

Sooo......pregnancy REALLY ruined my body (totally worth it though). And she is now a year old and i am STILL trying to get back to prepregnacy weight/body. but i was already over weight.

so out of high school i got married. November 10th 2007. a year and a half after high school i had gained 20 pounds. But i still felt good about myself.. good enough i should say no girl is ever really satisfied lets be for real here.

This is my "married pudge" pic taken aug 2008
This is the pic i took after i found out i was prego..november of 08

 Well then i got pregnant. i gained 60 more pounds due to high blood pressure and preeclamsia. This leaves me 80 pounds over weight... haha i never realized how bad it was till i say the numbers.

and......the prego pics. yes im wearing black shorts
people always asked if i was having twins...wonder why...
and this is my fabulous hooked up on iv fluids even more swollen then i already was amazing hosital pic! :( i look like im literally 300 pounds. i wasnt though lets get that clear haha

Well after braylee my swelling continued to get worse and after about 3 weeks the swelling went down and all the sudden i dropped 30 pounds (this was all the water weight.) This leaves me with 50 more pounds to loose to be at where a healthy 5'7 1/2 girl should be at.

this is the day i came home from the hospital

 well i think i lost 15 pounds from working out (pilates, yoga, areobics, and p90x) it took me 8 months to loose 20 pounds how pathetic. Then i started the hcg diet and lost another 10 pounds but ALOT of inches. Well now i am back to a workout routine and so far have lost 5 pounds in a month. I dont know why i was blessed with loosing weight SOOOO SLOOOWLY.. but whatever im not giving up.

Before HCG
after HCG
3 months ish after HCG just regularly working out
Before HCG
after HCG
3 months after HCG and the beginning of my progress pics lol

So yes you can laugh all you want but from pregnancy till now i have lost 60 pounds and i am proud! it is taking FOREVER but i had alot to loose so i am trying to give myself a break. I have 20 more to loose and my goal is to have it gone by the time Braylee is 2 haha. I have alot of stretch marks and loose skin that there is nothing i can do about and i am trying to accept it and get over it but yea...its hard. we will focus on getting fit and healthy for now. wish me luck!!
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