Thursday, July 29, 2010

::pReSLiE comes to visit!::

Preslie is Braylee's other best friend! Braylee Preslie and Rylee were all born about a month from each other and they have all been best friends sense! Tayson is best friend too but we didnt meet him till june of 2010 haha. He is exactly 4 months younger than Bray. Here are some cute pics of the babies playing/fighting lol. I dont kno what it is but Braylee and Preslie just love to fight haha.
Braylee is such a stinker about her chair! she is so posessive over it. this is a pic of preslie and bray fighting over the chair haha
Tayson loves the camera haha.
They fought over their sippies too haha. cant blame them tho they have the same sippy
tea party!
awe!! kisses!! they always make up after their fights haha
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