Friday, July 16, 2010

::3rd,4th,and 5th of july! lol utah county::

So this year the 4th of july fell on a good old utah county celebrated it all weekend! haha hey im not complaining the 4th of july is like my second favorite holiday haha. So on saturday the 3rd was when everyone had fireworks! This year my family didn't plan anything which is odd :( so we all just did our own thing. Me Jeff and Bray celebrated this year with our bestest friends casey and nikki. AKA uncle casey and auntie nikki. It was a blast. We had a bbq at casey's family's house and they live right by the stadium of fire, like you can see into it haha. all the stands and such.
 So after the bbq stadium of fire started and the big jets flew overhead.....Braylee was SHAKING she was so scared :( it was so sad! Then we went out from and waited for fireworks!

Bray fell asleep while waiting...
I told him it was gay when guys did he did lol
Bray woke up haha
had to keep saying "ooooo" at first so she knew they were ok haha
She looks scared but she was just in aww

Then on Sunday the 4th....there were no plans at all. it was the most depressing 4th of july yet. but the 3rd and 5th was fun haha. So on the 4th we decided we'd just head up to my moms and visit for a bit.
Then we decided to visit our long lost friends Nick and Felicia...Braylee and her best friend Rylee took a bath cuz it was getting late. Then we watched the neighbors fireworks haha.

Then it was the 5th!!! haha and we went to the parade :)
Then some swimming after at Chaunte's then at my sister's haha

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