Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So, as i have mentioned before...i LOVE family stuff. I wish i could pick up my house, neighborhood, ward, and all of Spanish fork and springville and move it all closer to my family haha. Any who! So, me and Jeff had all this time off work for memorial day weekend, well due to weather, we didn't end up going camping like my family usually does. But it all turned out ok cuz we hung out with our best friends in the entire world, then on memorial day, Jeff went riding with the guys and i went swimming at my sisters. Jeff later met up with us!

Then we came home and all the neighbor kids were out playing and we wanted to go on a walk. So we went  out for a walk and Braylee was mauled by the baby neighbor girls. haha Braylee loves other babies so it was cute! On our little walk, we found a cute little community park..who knew it was there. haha.
Neighbor girl, Brinlee
Its the simple things in life that make life AMAZING
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