Wednesday, June 30, 2010

::Braylee's FIRST birthday!::

Well.......the day i've been dreading came. Braylee turned one! So i was so proud of myself...i got braylee's pics done and invites out on time, got her cake ordered on time, got all her presents bought and wrapped on time...AND I WAS STILL STRESSED THIS DAY! haha. but it all worked out. We got there early and started decorating. All jeff's family got there first then my Nikki poo and casey. they helped me set up.
Jeffs dad, grandparents, and mom
Then Laynie and Tayson, nick, felicia, courtney and brays best friend rylee and my brother reuben arrived followed by my sister becky and the birthday girl!!
Felicia and Rylee
Laynie, tay, becky, bray, felicia, rylee and court
Then my family all started to roll in :)
The boys BBQ-ing
PRESENT TIME! haha she loved ripping the wrapping off
Then it was cake time!! she had this look on her face the whole song and kept looking at everyone singing to her haha. it was so cute. i cried

Me and nikki cleaning up bray
Then after the party ended and everyone left...........SHAWNTAE AND ASHLEY ARRIVED! haha these girls came from layton and midvale so its a loooooooong drive! you guys are so sweet for making it!
Thanks to my dad and brother for hangin around till 9pm and then giving me a ride home! haha

Thank you SOOOO much everyone who came!! like HALF the people we invited didnt show up but thats ok! all our family and friends that matter the most came and it meant soooo much you dont even know!

So when me and bray got home around 9:15pm...we opened some of our toys and played haha
Then we took some mommy bray pics and soaked up the reality that she was ONE! Then took a bath...played with some of our book and went to bed!
We love you sooo much baby girl! cant believe you are already one!

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