Tuesday, June 8, 2010


haha just kidding guys i didn't gamble it just sounded cool to add into the tittle cuz it definitely was a bash and we did get into a crash haha. Lets start from the beginning!

June 3rd, 1989. It was a Wednesday, 8:45am, in Salt lake city, at the holy cross hospital. exactly 21 years ago....A STAR WAS BORN! and she was named CHRISTA ANN BUHLER. :). Haha jk well start on June 3rd 2010.

I woke up to breakfast being made. Pancakes to be exact. Then i went and got my HER did! yay.
Then we will skip what all happened in the middle of the day cuz it is all irrelevant to my birthday :( haha. Anywho! So later that night we went to TEXAS ROADHOUSE, probably my most favorite place aside from red robin haha.
Jeff's brother Dan
Dan's wife (sister in law) Mallorie with braylee then her girls Cheyanne and Alyson
Dan's oldest girl Katelynne and Jeff's mom Tammy
My fam haha
I LOVED the whole Indian thing haha
Me on the stupid saddle. I have better more laughing pics of me on it but....unfortunately i looked disgustingly oompa loompa so we wont add those haha.
Then all the nieces wanted a try haha. This is Kallee, my sister Becky's daughter
Kallee and Bray
Chey chey
After we got done eating at TRH, we were all outside talking and all the sudden, Dan's youngest Cheyanne was MISSING! we all freaked out and spread through out the parking lot searching for her. We found her playing in some rocks...it was quite a scare.
We had some family that couldn't make it so we went to my moms afterward for ice cream and the party continued on!
Bray and my Dad...aka..papa :), my dad used to do this to me all the time..that's why i love this pic so much
OH, the party did NOT end here! On our way home, there was construction. Well not too many people go the speed limit in a construction zone so the cops will do this swervy thing across the freeway to basically create a huge traffic jam to get everyone to slow down so the construction guys can set out there cones more safely to condense the lanes down. So anyway! We hit traffic. The left lane was ending so the car next to us swerved over and cut us off..Jeff backed off to give distance and all the sudden the car had come to a complete stop. We slammed on our brakes. I was watching the car in front of us just waiting for impact. We came to a stop..no impact. PHEW! i turned around to check on bray and CRUNCH! i was in shock. I didn't even think about the fact that cars behind us had to stop too!. It was such a low MPH wreck that we were all ok. So from the car behind us out steps this cute little MAYBE 5 foot pregnant girl!! i just wanted to hold her. haha!! So we are sitting there and im freaking out cuz we are stopped in the middle of the freeway and cars are flying by and my husband was out between the two cars making sure here engine wasn't gonna blow cuz it was smoking...the coolant was leaking. Anywho, we get our cars off the freeway, and..we waited...
our car......haha..nothin. It was all underneath
Her car...it was pretty banged up
and we waited some more...........

"crashed" out...hahah im so funny
DUN DUN DUN! the po po finally arrived
the awesome construction guys haha. such good sports. They all wished me a happy birthday
20 hours later..we got it all settled and went home and went to bed! haha it was a long day! But the birthday bash didn't end here!!! ill leave that for another post tho haha

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