Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Haha yes my birthday has 3 parts to it :). So this next part makes me laugh. If you know me you know that i am easy going, down for whatever, not judgmental at all, and so forth. I'm funny and do funny things that people perceive as "inappropriate" but whatever..its life. live it.

So its my 21st birthday. Everyone expects DRINKING and PARTYING and GAMBLING and so forth. Well that's just not me and I'm fine with that. i know how to have a good time without substances haha. Not judging anyone else thats just me. Anywho....i know that i am judged wrongly alot and am perceived wrongly but thats all high school and im over it so im here to say i dont have to explain myself. I just sit back and laugh cuz i know im not doing anything wrong. OK so on to my story!

OK so it was my 21st...I had to go check out the lifestyle! So Saturday, my baby sister was so awesome and came to spend the night at my house to babysit Braylee cuz i knew we'd be back pretty late cuz we were going to salt lake. So we laid braylee down at 8 and around 8:30 ish we headed out! We were gonna go to the Mayan to grub then go out dancing! So turns out the Mayan closes at 10 and its quite the drive from my house so we didn't have enough time to eat. So McDonald's it was! yay! haha. Then the moment came! my first CLUB! hahaha i was so excited to dance my booty off and have fun. I handed the lady my license and was so stoked and explained how i was finally legal and to check it thoroughly. So she does, and tells me I cant get in haha! I was so put off! My license was EXPIRED so she couldn't let me in! I was like come on lady...its says im 21 thats all that matters idiot! I begged her not to ruin my night...she didn't seem to care at all. HAHA. butt hole :(.

So...we go across the street ish to this place called CLUB 90! haha i bet alot of you are laughing to yourself right now. We figured hey 90s dancing that cant be that bad. We go in, she takes my ID just fine and informs me its expired but that it was ok...just so i knew. i was so annoyed. haha. we paid walked in...and OH, MY....haha. i think this pace had an age limit of 50 haha. NO OFFENSE. I said lets go get our money back and bail. everyone told me i was wasting my time but i tried it anyway! ahaha the lady was so nice and said she understood. So by this time it was getting pretty late as it was so we went to this little bar called saints and sinners. It was sooo fun! Free to get in, free pool, had a STRIPPER POLE! im so getting one by the way its such a work out!, had a deck to go outside and was just way laid back and small. No crazy people and we had our own little corner it was SUPER! just perfect!

We loved the stripper pole it was the funnest part!
The boys were better than us ahaha. One of the guys there had some awesome moved and his excuse was that he worked there so they have fun and play on it alot haha. we tried to get him to teach us but...we sucked haha.
They are so funny i just love it
ok so i know i said i wasn't going to explain anything but...i have to explain this one cuz its what makes it so funny...this girl right here....COMPLETELY SOBER haha put it on my life. haha i just love her so much. No matter what its always a good time with her! We dont need no alcohol! HAHA
ok this guy, logan i think?? was PLASTERED. it was the end of the night and he randomly came and sat by us... then he got kicked out cuz he was too wasted. I shoulda got a pic of the bartender he was so awesome.
We got home and i talked to my baby sister for a little bit to see how Braylee did and then we went to bed! it was a long night haha!

People might ask...why would you go hang out with a bunch of drunk idiots? my answer... i wasn't hanging out with them! i was hanging out with the man of my dreams and our most bestest friends in the entire world! and we had the most amazing time! My 21st birthday was perfect. glad its over with though ahaha. Now its time to go get that license renewed then the headache will be over! oh and im so stoked..my insurance will now drop! haha WOOT WOOT!

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