Monday, May 3, 2010

::sUpErCrOsS 2010::

If you know kno that sense i was like 15, i LOVE motocross! I just love the environment, the sound of the dirt bikes, just everything! Its the hottest sport out there haha. Im kinda a freak about it. So i always love when supercross comes to Utah and bet you aces that im there! rain or shine. Speaking of which.....haha. We knew there was a chance it would rain but i didn't think it would rain much so i wore layer and brought blankets. The weather was soo awesome when we first got there. We went early and walked through the pits, watched some practice runs, walked through the pits again till 6 then went and got seated to wait for it all to begin.

Nate Adams (#1freesyle motocross)

representing kawi!! (and Yamahaa)

The rest of the crew
 Before it begins they explain what the heats are, the LCQ, and the main event. all that. Do a bunch of advertising, fun give aways. Then the introduce the hot shots individually. And as SOON as the first heat began. It started to rain haha.

I had a double layer thermal on the inside sweater, and a sweater underneath, a hat, and my two hoods. Jeff just had a sweater haha. But i also brought a fleece blanket and a big comforter blanket. well at fist it wasn't raining just got a little chilly so i shared my blanket with the other 4 guys that were there with us. Well then the rain came.. the other 4 guys all bust out their rain ponchos and beanies and gloves etc.. i sooooo wanted to steal back my blanket so i could fold it and protect us better from the rain but i didn't want to be rude lol. The rain wasn't too bad at first then it started DOWN POURING!

 So the blanket slowly got soaked..i had my bag in my lap to protect my legs from getting wet from the soaking blanket. well then the water was soaking through my bag and i had all my camera and phone and stuff. The rain went from rain to snow to rain to hail, would let up, then down poor some more lol. So i told jeff to go buy some ponchos for us cuz im sure they had some..20 min later jeff comes back, THEY ARE SOLD OUT!! So time went by..having a blast..keeping the good spirits up, then i could feel the wet on my back and butt. By the time the main event started the rain soaked through my 2 layer sweater, hoodie, and shirt! i was wearing uggs, soaked through those.. Jeff had the fleece to himself cuz he only had one sweater and that held out pretty good until the main event.

We watched the lites main even then couldn't take anymore and went to stand under the doorway thing out of the rain but the wind and cold got to us. So we went to the bathrooms. they were SOO warm! haha. The races got over and The ever so kind gentlemen handed back the 30 pound sopping wet blanket back to me. Jeff had less layers so i wouldn't let him carry it. So by the time we got back to the truck, 15 minutes of walking lol, my entire front side was soaked. I, was FREEZING. we got the heat going but then all the dry guys got too hot and the window even got rolled down at one point while in traffic. My fuse was slowly disappearing. We got to my sisters to pick up braylee.. and by the time we got into our car to head home...i broke down BAWLING cuz the cold was to my bones! I am pretty good with the cold.. i actually like it. But when your whole body is literally soaking wet and the temp borderline gets to ya. I came home, changed, sat on the heater vent and drank hot chocolate. haha it was amazing! I seriously had so much fun (till the end lol) and even knowing what i know now...i STILL would have gone! haha just maybe brought some rain ponchos :)
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