Tuesday, May 11, 2010

::HuBBer MAN's & aUdrie's bday::

So...... Jeff shares his birthday with my niece audrie. This year we had a bbq at mi el momo's house. The only place big enough for all the 40 people there! haha all just family. well not all the family showed up......................(clears throat)........... but  a few friends of jessica's came so there was probably about 40. Im REALLY big on family so i always love big family events and getting everyone together...its always so much fun.

i think this is the first picture with all the cox grandchildren together,
bray was soooo onery lol

my el papo haha. i love his high waters :) and im not being sarcastic
he wouldn't be the same without them :)
cousin loves

 It was such a nice day but once the sun went down it got kinda chilly so we moved inside to do presents and ice cream!
dirt bike ramp

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who came and celebrated this special day! i just love birthdays! its the day to feel special and have all your loved ones surround you and spoil you with their love...what could be any better than that! haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SEXY MAN AND MY FREAKING CUTE NIECE, who is so cute when she says she farts haha! (inside joke)
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