Sunday, April 18, 2010

::night out and the hogle zoo!::

So, saturday jeff worked from 5am till 6pm and i was missing him bad! we work opposite and it gets hard on me. Well Jeff's mom is awesome and came down saturday night to spend the night in case braylee woke up. We put braylee to bed at 8 and went out for some alone time. We had a bbq at a friends house and spent the whole night laughing lol. Jeff was too cute he kept getting blankets for me and rubbing my frozen toes (i was wearing flip flops). it was a good time. We got home around 11:30pm and chatted for a bit with jeff's mom then went to bed..we both got up pretty early that morning. Thanks so much grandma Tammy! it was SOO needed!

Then on sunday we went to the zoo!! last week i went to walmart and braylee got soo giddy over the sea gulls so i decided we better go to the zoo. it was so much fun! The weather was AMAZING! and my white nastyness got some sun! braylee was so giddy over the animals and really loved the giraffs. It was nice to get out as a fam and do something different and get out of the every day routine. here are some pics!

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