Thursday, April 29, 2010

::bRAylee 10 month update ::

oh how time flies! 2 months away from being ONE year old. its so crazy to me. Braylee Ann Cox... mommy loves you soooooooo much words can not even describe! You are so amazing in every way. You are like a little sponge just soaking life if and learning sooo fast!
You are such a beautiful girl i am so proud. So here we are at 10 months old. YOU FINALLY SAID MAMA!!!!!!!! i was too stoked and almost cried. daddy is still your favorite word but its said it i am satisfied haha.You LOVE your new walker toy and walk/almost run all over the place. as soon as that toy is in your sight, you crawl over to it, climb up it, and take off. i seriously almost cry. You have this fascination with the fridge lol. you are like your daddy in every way. you LOVE to eat. ALL the time. and yet you are still so freaking tiny.. i will surely be jealous of you your whole life :).
You are still in size 6 months lol. even some 3 months fit you. You still LOVE bath time. always crawl over to the tub and slap the side tell me you want in lol. You love cookies (vanilla waffers and aninmal crackers). Still only two teeth. You love to yell... haha you aren't fussy you just sit there and yell..really loud. and long. haha please dont be a cheerleader. just kidding you can be whatever you want to be in life :) and i will support you. You and your cousin Kallee become more and more best friends every day. Me and auntie becky call it a "sickness" you two are sooooooo giddy over eachother haha
So in this last month we went to the zoo for the first time, when to St George for the first time out of the womb lol. Went swimming for the fist time! Went to texas roadhouse for the first time. went to classic skating. played with your friend Rylee.
 Got your first black eye :(. Try to feed yourself. Cuddle more. STILL such a daddies girl. Your daddy loves you so much it is too adorable.Gor your ears pierced finally! Oh and the best part. YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! you were waking up once MAYBE twice to have your Binky put back in or around 5am to have a bobs and go back to sleep till 8:30am.. but now you sleep the entire night till 8. It is pretty swell :).

 This is you and your newborn preemie onsie...........

and here are more random pics of my princess :)
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