Tuesday, April 6, 2010

:: bRaY's 1st eAsTer! ::

So i cant find the cord to put the videos on my comp so ill do that later :).

Me and Bray colored easter eggs 3 different time before easter and we LOVED IT! First we colored with baby Preslie (Bailie) and baby Emery (Whitney).

Then we colored eggs with my fam...

Then we colored eggs with nikker poo and her mommy! i didn't get pics on my camera so ill hav to steal some from nikkis mom :)

Braylees first easter was perfect! we woke up and came down stairs and bray had a princess easter basket from the easter bunny!! then we found all the eggs in our living room. She was so giddy over it and had to put every egg in her mouth so she had orange lips, then pink lips, the green lips, then blue lips haha. it was funny.

Then we got on our new easter dress and easter spankley sandals and went to my mommy's for some yummy food! i so broke my diet but its ok.

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