Sunday, April 18, 2010

Before and Afters...puking might happen

This is really embarrassing but...i know people have seen how gross i was and i still have ALOT of work but i am proud so yea..

SO....christa is really fat. i was working out every week day and wasn't on a strict diet but didint eat that unhealthy. if i did, i worked out, like i have always done. Anyway..i can MAINTAIN weight super easy..loosing is IMPOSSIBLE! So i tried this HCG diet. it was SOOO hard, at first, but did wonders and made me feel so amazing. i feel SOO much better. k now for the scary stuff..the before and afters haha. keep in mind these are my results in only 3 weeks...........

11 pounds totall, 2 inches in my belly, and 1/2 inch in my waist. i thought i'd loose a ton more but i CAN NOT complain cuz this was only in 3 weeks. i know i have ALOT more work to do..its a work in progress..but i think i did pretty good for only 3 weeks. i am sad my diet is over..i have a 3 week maintanence phase where i still eat healthy and strictly and now i can workout and once that is done i think i might do the diet again! its amazing. haha anyway now that i feel like an idiot.....haha oh well i will get my bod back someday. But sense i had braylee, i have lost 60 pounds.. 30 of it was water weight and i can really only claim 30 of it haha. i got 30 more to loose!! haha this sucks and is embarrassing... oh well this is me :)
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