Sunday, April 4, 2010

:: 9 month update! ::

So i guess i better do a 9 month update before she is 10 months old haha! This little girl is just learning so fast and thinks she is such a big girl! she stand up on everything and always lets go cuz she thinks she can stand by herself. She will stand for a few seconds and falls haha. She has 2 teeth, hair is getting so long. She talks and talks and talks lol. She says dada, and dad the most. also says baba, almost says ba bye, and sometimes says hi. but still no mom lol. its cuz she loves me the most she is holding out to make it more special lol. She is SUCH a daddies girl. LOVES cousins and little kids. she gets so giddy. she always mimiks cousin kallee and follow her around lol. Bray is growing out of her 3-6 months and is kinda growing into 9 months. she is in between lol. She still LOVES bath time and brushing her teethers lol. This little girl has such a big happy spirit about her and is ALWAYS moving and playing and getting into things and eating everything off the floor. speaking of eating....SHE NEVER STOPS! haha she is just like her dad. she loves playing with mommys make up and loves jewlery. she will always try to eat your jewlry lol we pierced her ears finally!!! Hahaha this is a pic of braylee's onsie that she wore when she was first born :( more random pics of my princess

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