Monday, March 29, 2010

:: sAnD dUnEs 2010 BABY! ::

So we LOVE the sand dunes. last year i was prego and couldn't ride so i was sooo stoked to be able to ride. it was a little chilly so i went down early with my bestie nikki and he hubby's family. jeff was coming down later with bray so she would have the trailer to stay warm. i had sooo much fun!! we literally rode all day.. my body was so sore the next day lol.

Then later my sister and her fam came down with the trailer and jeff and bray. i was nervous that braylee would be fussy and keep everyone up all night so i went home that night with nikki and was sad :(. So the next day was SUPER nice and i was missing jeff so i drove back down with braylee and spent the day in the sun. we got a little sun burnt haha.

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