Thursday, March 11, 2010

::our new truck::

So jeff had a way old ugly chevey that kept braking down and having issues and after we had braylee it was not usable because it didn't have a back seat so for the longest time jeff didn't have a truck. Now we go riding alot and do misalaneous (however you spell that) things that require a truck and it got really old having to borrow truck and we felt bad every time (thanks becky and mike! haha) but finally........WE HAVE A TRUCK! we got it for a really good deal. its super sexy. we got in it, it had a system, an auto start remote, a tv, and a playstation and paddle in the glove box, we were sold. we took it to my brother in law to check it out mechanically...its legal and had no issues!! so we got it! plus we got ride of one dept so we aren't making anymore monthly payments then we already were! we are so happy. when you look at the pics keep in mind my husband is 6'2 lol

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