Thursday, March 25, 2010

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If you kno kno i am a VERY open person. im not afraid to talk about subjects that are otherwise known as "inappropriate". And i have NEVER been one to try to talk and make something seem the way its not. like when me and jeff were having issues. i didn't try to hide it. i was open and explained detail. i didn't sugar coat things and so forth. i tell things the way they are. i dont pretend. so lets get to my point of this post.

Im tired of people portraying my husband in ways that he is not. im tired of people getting a bad image of him because "people" only talk about the bad. Im tired of people constantly putting me down and talking crap. So, i am going to talk about my husband :)

Jeff came from a very poor backround. His dad was in jail mostly all his life. his mom worked all the time to support him and his 2 older sibling and wasn't around alot. needless to say he grew up rough and got into alot of trouble. I met jeff when i was 16. He was 17 and working 3 jobs. he slowly was getting his life back on track. got his GED, a better job. when he barely turned 18 he bought me a 99 mazda protege cuz my car was in bad shape. at 18! in 07 we got married. we were 18 and 19. Jeff got an even better job at pepsi with benefits and we bought a house. at 19 and 20 we bought a house! we then bought an 09 nissan altima. we had a baby. its not uncommon to have a hard time adjusting to a new baby. i wasn't working from feb till oct due to medical issues and jsut having a baby. and my amazing husband did what he had to to hold down the fort and work 3 jobs. yea we got stressed and had some issues. but why hold that against him??? look at him now! he is an AMAZING dad! he gets up at till 2-5..comes home and immediately picks up bray and plays with her. whether im at work or home, he feeds her dinner, baths her, and puts her to bed. i dont even ask. he likes to help out. he helps me get up with her all night to re put binki in or make bobs and gets up at 3:45am and does it all over again.

He works 6 days a week. Yea we aren't rich but we have what we need and live decent. We dont have credit card dept. yea we cant live it up and cant afford alot of things that others can but we are happy, work hard for what we want and live how we can.

So how bout lets stop putting us down and look at your own life and stop critisising my husband. He is a great guy. i wouldn't be with him if he wasn't. he has come so far in life and is STILL trying to better himself and our situation. Im tired of crying over all the nagative talk when no ones lives my life! im not trying to be rude im just so done sitting back and letting all the trash talk happen. i love my husband soo much and am so amazed with all his achievments in life and looking at where he is now adn where he was i am just so proud of him. i hate knowing others have false perceptions of him. sense when do we only look at past mitakes and the negative?? it just hurts me and i cant do it anymore.
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