Friday, March 12, 2010

:: 8 months update::

So i only posted pics and figure i better update my boo boo's doings lol. So at the beginning of feb braylee started doing an army crawl, then she'd get up on all fours and just jump her legs and do a bucking cute. Then it happened. on February 25th, 3 days after she turned 8 months, she crawled. i got it on video but for some reason i cant post it. Me, Daddy, and Auntie Becky witnessed it. I almost cried haha. She is a pro now and crawls everywhere. her favotite thing to do is get in the kitty water and food haha.

Bray started pulling herself up in her crib but only to her knees so we lowered her crib to the second to bottom notch. Right after we did that, it gave her enough leverage to pull herself to a standing she thinks so is a pro haha. stands on everything! even tries to pull herself up on walls haha.

She has two teeth coming in on the bottom but not all the way in yet, just broke through the skin. and believe me...teething sucks!

She still only says dadda, sometimes i hear her say mama but i think they are flukes more than anything. always talks talks talks just doesn't say real words lol. she says eeeee alot so ill take it as mommeee or kiteeee haha. she's learned how to call the cat lol. she sits there and says eeeeeeeee and just screetches and pats her hand on the ground. she learned that from mom haha.

ThIS girl eats and eats and anytime me hav food or drinks so tries to get it and gets so angry if we dont give her any lol. but still is only 15 pounds haha. she is actually in a 3 month outfit today lol.

loves phones, balls, anything that lights up, loves getting her hair done, loves when dad does dirt bike tricks with her, favorite being kiss of death lol. basically he just swings her up in the air and makes her go upside down.

Things are sooo amazing right now and braylee is just the light of our lives and makes up so happy
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