Wednesday, February 3, 2010

:: hair doo's and ihop with future hunnies::

So braylee is 7 months old now and her hair is finally long enough all around to put into a REAL little pony tail. haha not the silly one i did before when she was 4 months old...

Also...after MONTHS of trying to...i FINALLY got to meet little kingston and get together with Ashley and Shawntae for lunch. Ashley lives in layton (pretty much idaho) and i live in spanish we met in the middle on shawntae's turf for ihop haha! Ashley's son Lyrik and Shawn's new baby King are so freaking adorable and i can see them now picking bray up for dates!! haha now i need a picture of bray with Bre's boys Landon and Ethan...they are her other boyfriends. haha! Thanks for hangin out girls! it was way fun and good to see you guys!! NOW MOVE CLOSER TO ME! haha

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