Monday, January 18, 2010

::Braylee update::

Just a short little post. Braylee is almost 7 months old :( She is getting so big. She is routinely eating jar food and is doing really good. she got really constipated form it for a month or so but now is regular! haha poor kid. She is sitting up for the most part. she gets easily distracted and stops focusing and tips over haha. bray is rolling all over the place, not crawling yet but know how to get around haha. she is still in 3-6 months clothes but 3 months stuff is FINALLY starting to get too small and we can almost put away the 0-3 months tote haha. Braylee LOVES mickey mouse club house. She get sooo giddy whenever mickey talks haha. She loves to sing. whenever mom (me) is singing she gets a big smile and stars doing this way sweet toned high pitched sigh thing haha (her singing). No teeth yet...just teething lol. LOVES to jump in her bouncer-roo. what else? Her hair gets crazier and crazier haha. She is still sleeping 8pm-8am. takes 2 naps during the day.

Braylee has this amazing spirit about her. She is such a happy baby so full of life! Always curious. always wants to play. never naps if she isn't in her crib or driving cuz she is just so curious about her surroundings and wants to soak it all in. she is getting so big but will always be our pint sized little peanut premie princess :)
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