Monday, December 14, 2009

:: first sick night ::

So we had our first sick night..i woke up to weird noises on the monitor and had a feeling to go check on braylee..she was ok just kinda struggling to breath cuz she had puked. so i put her on the changing table and was changing her pajama's and blankets when she puked again and was choking on it...i yelled for jeff..we decided to set up the pack and play and let her sleep in our room next to me so i could get to her faster in case it happened again. well we got her settle and it happened again.... me and jeff both FLEW out of bed to turn her over and help her. it was so scary. Needless to say she slept in my room for the next 4 days...just in case :)

this is braylee in the morning of her first sick night :(

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