Saturday, October 17, 2009

:: Schedule time and my 3 month old princess bum ::

So now that im back home i finally got braylee in her cute room and sleeping in her crib! i was so nervous the first night, i doubted the monitors (good thing) and so we slept with our doors open (her room is across from mine). SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! for the most part :). she sleeps about 5 hours, wakes up to eat, goes right back to sleep for about 3 or 4 more hours. she's been in her crib for about 3 weeks now and went right on her schedule, wasn't hard at all. She gets bath around 7:15, which she now loves her bath time :) as soon as i start getting her nakey she knows and starts doing her squeek laugh lol, then has a bobs (bottle) and is in bed by 8. wakes up between 4 and 6, then goes back to sleep till about 7-10am depending on when she woke up to eat haha. i love her with all my heart. My favorite is going in her room in the morning, turn on the light, and my princess already has a HUGE smile on her face waiting for mommy to come get her :)! then we change diaper and the whole time she smiles and laughs. its so cute! its more like a squeel but its super cute. She is such a special spirit. ALWAYS smiling. She LOVES strangers haha. anyone that comes up and smiles and talks to her she smiles so big and giddy. She tries SOOO hard to turn over. sometimes i help her out and get her on her tummy, she holds her head up so good then realizes she's on her tummy and hates it haha. She is starting to grab everything and try to eat it. even like my sweater sleeves haha. i just love her! We are excited for halloween. Braylee is being a giraffe :)! cute huh! im so excited to put her in it.

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