Friday, July 3, 2009

:: the PeAnUt pRiNcEsS has arrived! ::

JUNE 23RD 2009 * @ 7:40PM * 5 POUNDS 15 OZ * 17.5 INCHES LONG!

So..tuesday morning at about 7:30AM, we got the call to come in and get induced! We arrived at about 9:15am, got checked in and got to our room at about 9:45am and waited. My I.V was started at 10:30am so i would stay hydrated. My potocin was started at 11:00am, i was at a 3 dialation, and 80% effaced, and her had was at a 0 (all the way down). My water was broke at 12:30 (wow pain) and i needed my epidural by 1:00pm (haha hey i think i lasted pretty long). Scariest thing in my life...although not painfull...just scary and awkward.

I was dialated to a 5 @3:00pm. My epidural started to take over my whole body, i got really nauseated and sick, so they had to turn it off! I was dialated to a 7 @5:00pm, and a 9 @5:45! lol. I was ready to deliver by 6:15pm but we had to wait for the doctor and my epidural to wear off somemore. By the time the doc got there my epidural was almost all wore off, i could have stood up and walked around lol...i was so scared for the pain of her coming out. I started pushing @ 7:20pm and Little Braylee was here at 7:40pm!!!!! i felt it all! good thing she was small haha.

Braylee is the best thing to ever happen to me aside from my husband Jeff. She is amazing in every way, a perfect baby, and i am so blessed to have her!
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