Friday, July 3, 2009

our first week :)


So the first week was perfect....i was wondering when the horrible newborn stage would hit that everyone warned me about. Our first couple night home, i was still nervous from a hospital scare (bray bug choked on some puke and stopped breathing, had to be rushed to the nursery). So i kept her in bed with me :). Which i kno is a bad habbit to start but i do what works for us. So she slept almost the entire night!! at 5 days old was our first fussy night. I think we're doing pretty good! But then on wednesday, i had an ortho in sandy. I last fed bray at 10:50 am.. left my house at noon...and we didn't get home till 5! Braylee slept the entire time! i knew we'd have a rough night. So we are currently backwards as far as day and night but we're working on switching back!

Braylee is very alert and awake alot and when she is, she just chills and looks around. She is so percect :)

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