Tuesday, July 7, 2009

.::4th of JULY! ::.


So for the 4th of july braylee was only 11 days old so i was too scared to take her out to crowded places like parades and such. So we just spent the day in the mountains with my fam (i was still nervous about that...i kno im horrible lol) Then on our way home we stopped by jeff's mom's house where his brother and fam were there lighting fireworks. We sat and watched for about 20 min (only cuz i bought a mosquito net thing that covers the carseat and stroller lol) but i was running off 5 hours of pieced together sleep and so we left early, came home, and went to bed lol. Not too exciting of a 4th of july but i REALLY enjoyed having jeff around to help with his 3 days in a row off work. i was so nice! We love our little girl so so much. It grows more each day :)

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