Thursday, June 4, 2009

Natural Birth???

So i've been adicted to watching all the baby stories, deliver me, taking home baby, all those shows about bringing a baby into this world. And i've come to this conclusion.......PEOPLE WHO GO NATURAL ARE CRAZY! Sorry if you are pro natural birth, but....why would you want to bring your child into an enviroment like that? a screaming mom in so much pain that she doesnt even care to truelly experience her birth (no, experiencing the pain does not qualify as TRUELLY experiencing your birth). MAJORITY of the natural births i've seen, the moms go into this crazy montster person and is mean and doesn't want to see the baby coming out or touch the head and in some cases doesn't even care to hold the baby after its out cuz they are busy recovering from the immense pain...

Now i know back in the day, all births were natural, and all those women did it...BUT ITS A NEW DAY AND AGE PEOPLE! they didn't have medicine back then too so better not take medicine or enjoy any of the blessings put on this earth.. like the epidural for instance....ENJOY IT! its here for a reason people!!
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