Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby coming before im enduced??

So i go on monday the 22nd to get my amnio and start enduction... but...i think baby might have some other plans.

I went last night to the hospital cuz i thought i was leaking some amniotic fluid. guess not. But i was dialated to a 2 and 75% effaced having some random contractions mixed with lots of braxtons lol.

One of my random contractions

One of my random Big contractions that hurt pretty good........ :(

So after we got home from the hospital, we went to bed, and my night consisted of deep aleep interupted by mean contractons.. they were never consistant tho..just random. I woke up with lots of sharp sharp pains in my belly anytime i moved and ripping abs. it was so tight :( and baby was super low. i could see the bulge under my belly button...GOODNESS!! lol but so far today, nothing. we'll see. Maybe ill dialate more and my water will brake and we'll get this started eary. I just hope she doesnt decide to come sunday....that is my nephews birthday and im not a fan of birthdays on birthdays... SHE BETTER NOT COME SUNDAY! lol.
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