Friday, June 12, 2009

The arrival of my princess.....


SOOOOO....... Braylee is about 6 pounds 3 ounzes (i kno she is bigger). i am almost 36 weeks along. On June 22nd, i will go in to the hospital and get an amnio done (for those that dont kno what that is, they shove a needle in my belly to my uterus and suck out amniotic fluid) Then they measure the level of protein in the amniotic fluid and that determins whether baby's lungs are ready or not (keep in mind, 37 weeks is considered full term baby).

If she is ready, i will deliver within 24 hours of the amnio. So most likey between the 23rd-24th....maybe 25th depending how long my labor is...

I will deliver normally (no C-section) unless i have issues with my high blood pressure..

so soon!
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