Sunday, June 14, 2009

9 months :S

36 weeks this point im praying for twins (dont worry i wont be having twins lol). I have had a REALLY hard pregnancy and its just getting even harder...i didnt think it was possible. Im beyond the normal size of a full time pregnant woman and its not fair :(. my belly is HUGE. it hurts..its such a struggle to even get up! i can no longer sleep at night, i sleep in segments lol. laying on my sides KILLS my hips (i cant even describe the pain) Not to mention my belly feels like its ripping when im on my side cuz the weight of the baby. I cant lay on my back, it hurts my back to bad and i cant breath. and..its not even possible to lay on my belly lol. even just sitting now hurts my hips. walking hurts my feet..i think my feet are too small for all this weight (size 8 feet, and im almost 5'8 lol) ALL THE just hurts. everything hurts. always have pressure. im always crampy..i always question contractions.. lol. needless to say its getting hard to not be onery. so i'd be cool to have twins. 2 birds with one stone! then i'd only have to be pregnant one more time lol. and it'd explain a whole lot if i had twins lol. hhhhhh (sigh) one more more week. (being induced at 37 weeks)

Ps... dont get me wrong...pregnancy is so amazing and im gratefull to be able to experience it.. its just not all sugar and fun lol. very bitter sweet
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