Tuesday, May 5, 2009

30 weeks... GOODNESS

I really thought i'd stay at a stand still till the end of this pregnancy but no..it happened..i got BIGGER! i dont kno how that is possible but it happened. So i am home sick today with diarrhea and a sick stomach..i think i got it from work cuz i got put on the sick team.. yay, lets put prego on the sick team?? anywho... yea i can't work anymore..its getting too hard. Sooooo....hope we can make it. im trying to find some stay at home jobs to help us out. ps..we dont qualify for any sort of medicaid or food stamps..nothing! just off jeff's income. it makes me really angry cuz its not fair but we wont get into that. We currently have over 1,000 dollars in bills that insurrance isn't covering.... yay :). 6 more weeks till she is here... then 2 months on top of that till i can get back to work... ah!
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