Thursday, April 16, 2009

My PrInCeSs bRaYlEe

So i went to the perinatologist again yesterday, baby is doing AWESOME. is measuring about 27-28 weeks which is right on, and is about 2.4 pounds! She kept moving her toungue like she was was so adorable, the ultrasound tech was loving it. Also did a 3D ulrtasound.. BABY HAS JEFF'S NOSE! haha and i think his eyes which i was hoping for! she is so precious, i just stare at her ultrasound pictures and start to cry cuz she is so beautiful..i can't wait to meet her.

As for me... lol. Blood pressure is still high. im getting started on some medication now and have to quit working or find an earier job. We are in the 3rd trimester now which is the most critical in getting a healthy baby to pop out and is also when blood pressure starts to creep up. Braylee is for sure coming at 37 weeks which is JUNE 21ST ish. or sometime that weeks. Doctor highly doubts ill make it that far but we shall see. I have to start seeing my doc every 2 weeks and re-do all my tests :( including my 24 hour urine specimen test (which means i get to pee in a jug for 12 hours and keep it in the fridge lol). See the perinatologist again in 4 weeks and from there start doing stress tests 2 times a week... HOLY DOCTOR BILL WE'RE GONNA HAVE!! cant wait to meet my princess, get back to work so we dont loose our house lol...
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