Tuesday, April 28, 2009

29 weeks!

OH MY GOODNESS! If its possible...i am getting BIGGER!! it hurts so bad...the littest thing makes my abs feel like they are ripping. i can't breath when i eat. i can literally feel my stomach gurgle in my ribs...haha yea, my stomach, where all the food goes, in my ribs! My blood pressure seems to be getting worse. As in the little things i do now make it shoot up. my swelling is getting worse and more frequent. I think my boobs stopped growing...HALLELUJA!!!! My stretch marks are starting to fade..except for the ones on my upper stomach :(. My hip is getting worse (i kno your hips are supposed to hurt...but mine has hurt sense 12 weeks, its like my right hip socket and pelvis. and as each week passes..it gets worse.) i dont kno if i should get it looked at or what?? 3 of my friends who were pregnant with me jsut had their babies and i am super jealous. I dream alot now of baby coming. Baby shower is next weekend!! its getting closer and closer!!!
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