Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So today we went to the perinatologist. The drive there was a blur, i didn't want to think about anything. We got there and i felt really sick. I know my blood pressure with through the roof. So i lay down and they squirt the hot jelly stuff on my belly and there she was on the perfect little princess. No spinal bifida (as i figured) No heart defects, no abnormal abdomen, normal femur.....measuring right on. Not big or small. Just perfect. She was too cute. kept her hands covering face. Now as for the Downs syndrome, only an amniosentesis will tell you for sure. But there is a slight risk for miscarriage when you do that. Im not putting my Braylee at risk. If she has it, she has it. Knowing now wont make a difference. We met with a cousilor and she told me my chances of her having downs was slim to none...usually they will have a small femur, or abnormal abdomen or heart. So im sticking with the slim to none lol.

Now as for my high blood pressure....haha. I have to go back once a month and get an ultrasound to make sure baby is growing properly. Also, having high blood pressure can put me at risk for a still birth. So at this rate they will probably have me deliver early at about 37 weeks. Or as long as i can last with no complications. SOOOO we just might have a june baby!! june 21-30th ish....we shall see!!!! as long as she is healthy i am happy!!!!! :)
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